On the Sidelines

a girl and her softball, glove, and batI went to a friend’s softball tournament today. I played softball for years growing up – only gave it up to pursue a different sport. Last summer, and earlier this summer, I signed up for a rec league. It was fun; camaraderie, competition, and activity.

I was sidelined earlier this year with a knee injury – a torn meniscus. Although I know it’s something that can happen to anyone, I can’t help but think my extra weight contributed to the problem.

It is more excruciating to sit on the sidelines and watch other people having fun than the knee injury ever was. It’s also a little too easy just to sit on the sidelines and sip some beer while they play.

But, if I start playing again now, I could keep tearing the meniscus and make the problem even worse.

Patience is definitely the toughest virtue.