The Great Weight Debate

scaleVisit any online support community (sparkpeole, fitday, myfitnesspal, etc.), and you’ll inevitably come across the great weightloss question – how often should I weigh myself? Oncer per week? Three times per week? Once per month? Once per day?

There are staunch supporters on all sides. People who weigh once per week claim that weighing daily causes unnecessary stress over water-based fluctuations and doesn’t represent real progress; people who weigh once per day say that knowing they need to weigh in keeps them on track, and that water fluctuations on weigh-in days if they only weighed once per week would be discouraging.

Which camp do I belong to?


I weigh daily – the expectation keeps me on track.

I keep a spreadsheet of each day’s weigh-in; and average out my “average” weight at the end of the week.

I then subtract that from the week before to get an average weight lost per week.

While this may be more work to track than some are willing to put in, it seems to work for me.

Today, for example, I was up two pounds from yesterday despite hitting all my consumption/burned goals for the week, and yesterday. However, when I updated my spreadsheet and looked at my averages, I still lost more than 5 pounds from last week. If I didn’t have that average to compare, I’d be down about gaining two pounds – which in reality, isn’t an actual gain, but a water fluctuation.

So, instead of moaning about how I haven’t lost weight despite my hard work, and setting off another comfort eating cycle, I’m cheering my success and waiting patiently until the scale reflects my true progress once again.

How often do you weigh – and how do you track your progress?

Onward and downward!