Perfectionism = Unhappiness

Today, I heard someone describe perfectionism as the enemy of happiness. If you think about it, perfectionism is, by definition, the constant state of dissatisfaction.

The thing I don’t like about diets is the focus on perfectionism. Either you follow the program or you don’t; there’s no gray area. If you mess up, you feel like you’ve derailed a train. Getting back on track feels more difficult than starting in the first place.

But by giving yourself permission to slip up, you turn the derailment into a minor detour. No one is perfect–and one day over your calorie range will not derail a month–or even a week–of hard work!

At this point in my journey, I’ve accepted that. If I beat myself up over every slip, I’m only beating myself down rather than pulling myself up.

So here’s to letting the small things go, and accepting ourselves, imperfections and all.