Angry Gallbladder

I Hate My Gallbladder

Met with the surgeon today. I can’t help but think I’ve ruined my body. She was optimistic that surgery would be a good option for me, but I just can’t get onboard. It will cost $4-$6000 out of pocket in addition to lost wages at work. That’s more than I’ve spent on three of the last four cars I’ve owned.

The surgeon also mentioned that my current weight could potentially make the surgery more complicated. Apparently, in obese patients, complications are more likely. If complications occur, doctors may need to “open up” the operating space and ditch the laparoscopic approach. This can worsen side effects and dramatically extend healing time, from as little as two days to more than four weeks.

This is all my fault. Although I have a family history of gallstones, and many of the women in my family have had problems in my age, I likely wouldn’t be having them if I hadn’t had a horrid diet the past ten years or so. In giving up on my diet, I gave up on myself.

The only upside to this whole thing is the gallbladder is literally preventing me from eating. I’m trying to force down about 4-500 calories a day, just to help my body heal itself and prevent terrible leg cramps and headaches. And there’s no way I want the pain to come back, so strict, low-fat, low-calorie diet it is.

As I mentioned in my last post, 2 1/2 ounces of shrimp set off my last attack. 2 1/2 measly ounces. Guess I have to maintain the utmost vigilance.

Have you ever dealt with gallbladder attacks? Did you decide to go through with the surgery? What was your experience?