100 lbs down

I’ve noticed so many differences since I’ve lost 100 pounds. Here are the highlights:

  1. I feel exactly the same. No matter how much weight I’ve lost, I’m still me – and I still deal with the same insecurities, and the same problems I did when I weighed more.
  2. Other people treat me completely different. I’ve been hit on more times in the past month than I have been in the past five years. A clerk at a store actually said “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” when I used to come in once a week. I just hadn’t stopped by in two or so months. The clerk struck up a conversation with me as though I were a brand new person, one worthy of his attentions – whereas before, he never gave me the time of day.
  3. Retail employees ask if I need help. Before, Retail employees would stare or grimace at me. I used to pretend I didn’t see them, or it didn’t bother me. But now, I go into a “straight-sized” store, and I don’t feel completely ridiculed for looking at the jewelry; I feel welcomed, or at least not ostracized.
  4. I feel in control. Before, I felt like my life, and my weight, were beyond my control. Now, I know that if I make poor decisions one week; it has no bearing on the next week. I know I can always make better decisions, and start over.

I hope this helps anyone struggling with weight loss and experiencing their new selves after losing weight.